It always comes as a great pleasure to be able to collaborate with phenomenal artists, and the latest PSR Promo is no different.

SUPA is an unbelievable wordsmith known across the globe for his amazing mic mastery. The promo, now in its final stages of development, has already been endorsed by the artist.

So keep a look out for it on your social media channels.

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Updated: Feb 23

Someone demolished the pizza, before Mkuu could get to it. In actual fact, there were two. But according to later testimonies, they were both delicious. Too delicious to ignore when the temptation of afters beckoned and the boss was nowhere to be seen.

To some this would have caused major disappointment. But our intrepid figurehead was not to be distracted from the highlights of the last month. The pizza-less plate may have wiped the smile from his face, but nothing could dim the glow in his heart.

The culprit that could have caused a major fall-out.

It makes sense. We've had (almost) nothing but good news from the outset of our venture to create something beautiful in radio broadcasting.

A wonderful actress, whose work we've enjoyed on BBC, has offered support and is considering producing a programme. A brilliant African American poet, a renowned African musician, a simply awesome BritAfrican Caribbean actress and director, an American drama company and a sports promotion company have also spoken in positive terms during our recent discussions.

Some exciting productions are being envisioned which mean that our programmes will include live sports coverage, international cross-cultural broadcasting collaboration, and during the later hours a delve into the paranormal and gothic.

That's right. A really diverse mix, and an exciting one. Plus, have you seen the website? Isn't it shaping up beautifully?

PSR has come a long way in a short space of time but it's taken a lot of hard work.

But hey, you didn't think we were going to just sit around playing music and eating pizza all day did you?

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